Does Your Business Need to Change Locations? Save Money with These Ideas

Whether you have a business that is growing rapidly or you have a small startup, it may be time to change where you operate. When changing locations, many businesses don’t understand all of the costs that are involved. If you want to save money while relocating, there are a few ways to make the transition more affordable and to save money.

Repair Your Current Property

One of the best ways to avoid spending more when you need to change locations for your business is to perform repairs on the current property that you’re planning to leave. Repairing your current office or facility will allow you to get more market value and to obtain better deals on the next property. Common repairs or improvements to perform include updating the lights, replacing doors, removing popcorn ceiling, installing new flooring, and repairing leaks.

Stay in the Same City

When you’re looking to move to a new office or facility and are in need of a different type of space, you can save a substantial amount of money and keep your moving costs low by staying within the same city. Moving to a different location within the same city offers a lot of unexpected perks and benefits, which includes paying less for the moving company because fewer miles will be traveled while transporting your items. One unexpected expense of a professional moving company is needing to tip the movers in order to get the best service, so plan for this in advance. If you attempt to move the business yourself or with your own team, you’ll also need to obtain insurance to protect your company belongings and to ensure that you aren’t liable for any damages.

Downsize Your Space

When moving to a different location, consider downsizing to save money and to avoid paying for excess space that you may not need. You can also give your employees the option of telecommuting throughout the week as a way to avoid having to obtain more office space. Look for a space that has smaller offices or that will accommodate an open-plan office that can fit more employees in the room. Becoming digital and using less paper will also allow you to consolidate, and these simple changes can make it possible for you to downsize when you need to move.

Although it may not be possible to avoid moving, you can save money by following these tips to keep your costs low. By understanding all of the expenses that are involved with relocating, you can find creative ways to stay within your budget and to continue to run a successful business.

Whether moving because of growth or for other reasons, having a solid business plan is essential. There is going to be a loss in productivity with the move and everyone getting adjusted to the new place. You should be optimistic in figuring out your next move, or already have a plan in mind before moving.

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